CNC deburring machine For Polymers, Plastics

HRG Consulting Group has designed and built the 5G CNC Precision Plastic Deburr machine for AJAX manufacturing Co. in San Francisco around 5 years ago.
We built it with state of the art technologies, the 5G CNC PPD Machine reduces overall deburring time almost 80% and provides a clean non-residue finish.

HRG Consulting Group Custom Manufacturing (, the leader in high-precision automation systems, made their high-performance, non-Cryogenic CO2 blaster designed for deburring polymers, plastics, composites including other widely used materials within the Semiconductor, PCB/ SMT, Hybrid, Automotive and Aerospace industries.

The 5G semi-automatic Deburring system is fully programmable and equipped with Optical Inspection, Precise Flatness Measurement & Data Capturing to ensure and verify compliancy. The 5G is non-abrasive, non-destructive, non-toxic, reduces overall deburring time 80% and provides a very clean non-residue finish.

While it’s easy to use, the 5G CNC PPD deburring system features include:
– Non-Cryogenic CO2 Blaster
– Optical Inspection (Quality Control).
– Dual Laser Scanners (Precise Flatness Measurement).
– Video & Data Capturing Capabilities (5G model only).
– X, Y Axis Table positioning.
– Z Axis Air Blast.

HRG Consulting Group Custom Manufacturing offers two models consisting of the 5G and 4G for small-to-mid size and large scale workloads and provides updates, training and system support for both models.

For more information on the CNC PPD Machine, please call -LRB-949-RRB- 999-3326.